Online Summerschool

CAIRELab Online Summerschool

Artificial Intelligence: from theory to Value Based Healthcare practice

  • August 23-26, 2021

The target group of this summerschool are (international) students who (nearly) completed a master’s degree in the field of data science, artificial intelligence, (technical) medicine or similar. Students who are aiming to do research on something closely related to AI in VBHC in the future. This summerschool is specifically designed for master students in the field of data-science, artificial intelligence or similar. Students applying are required to provide their motivation why they would like to participate in the summerschool. If necessary students will be asked to send a C.V.

An important aim of the LUMC Clinical AI Implementation and Research Lab (CAIRElab) is to develop, validate and implement AI-innovations in VBHC practice. For CAIRElab, dedicated researchers are needed who are willing and able to collaborate with clinicians. Currently these are difficult to come by. Also, in the near future a strategic program on data-driven healthcare will commence which will also require researchers with an intrinsic passion to bridge the domain of artificial intelligence and that of healthcare. An important aim of this summerschool is to attract such talent for a PhD-track. Talented students will be identified using several predefined criteria regarding knowledge, skills, abilities and interests. Individual interest in a PhD-track or research internship is generated by communicating attractiveness of the position (e.g., tasks, prospective colleagues) and by offering the possibility for an inspiring and informative site visit.

  • With State of the Art Lectures and small group sessions

  • Meeting others with the same ambitions you have and learn about innovative technologies

  • CAIRELab Summerschool is organized to offer 1 ECTS (28 hours)

CAIRELab Summerschool

Artificial Intelligence: from theory to Value Based Healthcare practice

  • August 23, 24, 25 and 26
  • LUMC, Leiden The Netherlands